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We carefully selected the most safe ingredients, and finally found the simple but the best recipe for the adhesive.
Safe, reliable, and produced purely of high quality Japanese ingredients.
Optimal glue consistency 150 mPas makes it suitable for use with all materials and for all technician skill levels.
Designed for use in wide Humidity and Temperature range.
Passed test of heat stability quality assurance.
Refrigerator storage is NOT required.

・Drying time: 2-3 second
・Full Drying time: 6-8 hours
・5- 8 weeks retention
・Works for BOTH Classic and Volume lashes
・Latex and Toluene free

・Main ingredient: Ethyl Cyanoacrylate
・Content: 10g
・Consistency: 150mPa.s
・Origin: Japan
・Recommended for BOTH Beginners and Advanced lash technicians

Classic Lashes, Volume Lashes, Flat Lashes, Bundle Extensions...The list of extension types increase by the years, the industry sells specific special glue each time.
This Japan Made Ethyl Pro Glue is compatible with ALL extension types of ANY style.
With just the right viscosity, this lash glue is for all skill levels - from Beginner to Advanced practitioners.

Designed for use in wide Humidity and Temperature range
The most important thing for glue-use is the environment it is used in.
Temperatures of 77ーF/25ーC and Humidity of 60% is most suitable, but depending on the season and location, these levels can fluctuate.
Japan Made Ethyl Pro Glue was engineered with care to be a well-rounded, all-season glue considering such environmental variations.

No refrigeration required & Heat-stability tested
For long-term storage of unopened glue, refrigeration at a constant temperature and humidity is recommended.
After opening, however, repetitive storage in a refrigerator causes water vapor trapped in the container's air to become water droplets and mix into the glue, accelerating glue deterioration.
The temperature decrease in opened glue usually causes the amount of water contained in the bottle's air to decrease, as the water vapor mixes into the glue - these water droplets degrade glue quality.
Japan Made Ethyl Pro Glue has undergone and passed heat-stability testing, and is specially designed and made with highest quality Japanese ingredients so that refrigerator storage is NOT required.

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