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Light gentle, cashmere grade comfort.
The ultimate softness that can not be worded.
Lightly gentle, cashmere grade softness.
The ultimate softness that can not be expressed by word.

01"Flat Type" Unique shape by special processing.
Flat type is an extension with a flat cross section by special processing.
One of the features of Classic Sable is that the center necked like a ribbon.
Has a unique base to help fit the real eyelash with placement and retention.

02 The secret of luxe softness feels like cashmere is "W-shaped Cutting".

The most appealing attraction of "Classic Sable" is its super softness.
The secret is "W-Shaped Cutting" at the tip.
"W-shaped Cutting" is done by about 1/3 length of the lashes.
Because they are so incredibly light and fine, they feel exactly like your own lashes.
Even if compared with other analog products, the difference is obviously.

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