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Redebut as renewed

Up-graded in response to customer request for more effective make-up removal.
Item texture remains of good quality.

Point1 Changed scent

Changed scent to Floral of FoulaStore original MOIST series.
Enjoy the custom scent which is used at the Foula salon in the privacy of your home.
Scent is moderate, not too strong nor too weak.
Use in the bath room, for a relaxing aroma.

Point2 Improved make-up cleansing effect

Compounded with palm oil for the successful removal of sebrum or make-up.
No need to rub eyes strongly to remove make-up,protect your natural lashes, extend longevity of extensions.

Point3 Compounded 13 types of beauty whitening moisture ingredients.

Serum formulated with Raw collagen, Pueraria Thunbergiana Root Extract, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Extract … Resulting in an excellent beauty effect.
Can protect and moisturize skin during facial cleansing.


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