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Record-breaking 55 minutes full drying time! Fastest curing time in the market!
It 's ok to take a shower or wash your face right after the application!
Safer ingredients but higher quality - Toxic dispersants are completely removed!
Can be used for both classic and volume techniques - The consistency of this glue is perfect for both techniques!

・Drying time: 2-3 seconds
・Full Drying time: 55 minutes
・3-4 weeks retention
・Works for BOTH Classic and Volume lashes
・Latex and Toluene free

・Main ingredient: Ethyl Cyanoacrylate
・Content: 5g
・Consistency: 200mPas
・Origin: Japan

SAFE - Additive-free and absolutely None harmful substances used (all FOULA products promises this)
A favorite from our premium brand amass Bona.
Made in JAPAN - superior safety and quality guaranteed.

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