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◇Product detailsDifferent from conventional cylindrical extensions, square pole extensions.Compared to the conventional ones, Air Sable Extra has an extremely light appearance due to shaved surrounds, although thickness has not changed at all. Adhesive areas between real eyelashes and extensions are flat, so became easy to graft, in addition, sustainability improved!◇Comments from the Development teamAs this product is extension which makes the volume feeling of the eyelashes to tips of lashes, its appearance is voluminous in rich! Because of square pole shape, looks voluminous from the front, and natural from the type of extension which gives a variety of impression up to different angles .◇Specifications◇Lot・Thickness 0.10mm : around 4,680 pcs・Thickness 0.12mm :around3,900 pcs・Thickness 0.15mm : around3,120 pcs・Thickness 0.18mm : around2,730 pcs ・Thickness0.20mm : around2,340 pcs◇Color: Black◇Category: Extensions/ sheet type/ Sable◇Classification :oversea product/ General commodity◇Size・J-Curl ・C-Curl・D(CC)-Curl◆Thickness・0.10mm・0.12mm・0.15mm・0.18mm・0.20mm◆Length6mm・7mm・8mm・9mm・10mm・11mm・12mm・13mm・14mm・15mm◇Notice・Be careful not to get it into the eyes.・If any skin abnormalities occur during or after use, please consult the dermatologist.・There are some short size extensions mixed in because of characteristic of TORAY's extensions. As we set the lower price for this product, we don't have the process for getting rid of those. Please note it in advance.

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